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Your donation will help to maintain and expand the Flame Warriors website.

Your donation will also help provide a much needed and well-deserved sinecure for me, and it will come in handy to spruce up Flame Warriors corperate headquarters.

Give as little or as much as you want - everything helps and is much appreciated.

For you high rollers and/or art lovers out there: Every Warrior image starts out as a pen drawing on paper, which is then scanned and digitally colored. Donate $100 or more and I will send you a signed, ORIGINAL black and white Flame Warrior drawing!!! I don't know which ones will be available until you make your donation, nor do I know how long I can make this offer, but for now it's first come, first serve.

For the more impecunious among you, a donation of $50 will get you a signed, 8.5 x 11" glossy print of a Warrior of your choice.